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Campaign: Section Kappa

Campaign: Section Kappa
The High Concept: Barnstormers vs. Kaiju

Rose dove to gain some speed, wanting to get a good look at the beast before everything became chaos down there. She came in low over the creature, some type of scorpion, maybe hottentotta conspersus. Pulling out her field glasses she looked for any markings that might be useful later. While scanning the giant monster’s back her was nearly impaled by the thing’s tail. Only her quick reactions with a dollop of fool’s luck kept her career from ending right there. To think, her father said zoology seemed pretty dull.

She flew past the creature and began tracking its trail of destruction back to where it emerged knowing Mike and Easy Pete would start working to put the thing down or at least hold its attention until heavier firepower arrived.

Five minutes later she found the cave it crawled out of. That she could still hear Mike and Pete bantering as they splashed .30 rounds off the side of the beast did little to raise her spirits as she saw two more scorpions approaching the mouth of the cave. She fired a quick “There’s more” to her squadron mates as she came in low and close to the ground. At what seemed like past the last minute she pulled up firing into the roof of the cave, hoping to bring down enough of the ceiling to stop these things. Beyond the two she initially saw there were dozens more eggs in the cave. This was going to be a rough one …

Campaign in Brief:
No one knows what happened, some suspect that in the aftermath of the influenza epidemic they sensed weakness or maybe just carrion but they came from the hidden places slowly at first then more regularly. Genesis 6 says ‘There were giants in the earth in those days’. We never thought they were still there, sleeping, waiting. Some called them Nephilim but we call them Kaiju…
It’s 1929 and you are civilian members of Section Kappa an Army Air Corp project to fight these giant monsters … with airplanes.

Character Creation:
Race: All characters are Human and begin with the normal Bonus Edge.
Attributes: Are Purchased as Normal
Skills: All characters begin with d6 Pilot otherwise they are purchased as Normal
Special – Pilots can use their bennies to soak for their plane (Not any plane they are flying but their plane given by the setting)
Special – All characters begin with a plane (see below)
Special – Doubting Thomas prohibited
Special – No arcane backgrounds (weird science or psionics at GM’s whim)
Special – GM may allow Military rank and edges from Weird War 1 at her whim

New Edge: Where Man Ends…
Novice; Can be taken once per rank
The Character can sacrifice his once per rank attribute increase to increase one of his plane’s attributes.

New Edge: … Machine Begins
Novice; Can be taken once per rank.
The Character’s plane gains one advance

Maneuver Edges
All maneuver edges require the Ace Edge

New Edge: Some Maneuvers
Veteran; Ace
Cannot be aimed at, immune to Stay on Target

New Edge: Loop Roll
Seasoned; Ace
Move backwards 3-5 inches by performing a loop the Look. This uses 3x movement and requires a -4 piloting roll.

New Edge: Stay on Target
Seasoned; Ace
At exactly half speed plane crew receive +2 to shooting rolls

Vehicle Stats – Normal aircraft receive none of these benefits
Wounds (3) number of wounds that can be taken before rolling on the critical hit table is necessary.
Bennies (2) Used principally for soak
Vitality (d4) used to soak damage
Starts with 1 free edge
Advances – Gains 1 Advance every Rank its owner achieves
Pace – Pilots can gun it as an action to add 1d6 to his plane’s top speed for the round. This is not affected by vehicle acceleration.

Possible Vehicle Edges
Brawny: +1 toughness, collision damage based on every 4” of velocity rather than 5”
Finely tuned: +2 to pace 1d8 when gunning it
Luck: +1 benny
Great Luck: +1 benny
Fleet: Attackers -1 to attack rolls
Improved Fleetness: -2 to attack rolls
Killer Instinct: Wins contested rolls
Solid Steel ignore 1 point of wound penalties
Improved Solid Steel: ignore 2 points of wound penalties
Devil Inside: Spend a benny to reroll a damage roll
Stable Build: Crew ignores unstable platform penalty
Acrobatic: +2 to Piloting rolls involved with acrobatic maneuvers
Paint Job: +1 Charisma to pilot when near plane
Common Bond: Plane bennies can be spent by owner freely
Good sight lines: Pilot gets a -2 notice roll to avoid being ambushed
Dead Shot: Joker doubles total damage from plane.

Sample Planes
Bristol Jupiter : 8/24 12 Crew:2 2xFixed Forward 7.7mm Vickers machine guns 1x Rear Cockpit on Scarff ring
Dayton Write XPS-1 :10/30 10 Crew: 1 2xFixed Forward .30 Browning machine guns
Fairey Firefly II : 15/35 10 Crew: 1 2xFixed Forward .30 Browning machine guns 1x on Scarff ring
Junkers T-21 : 10/30 12 Crew: 2 2xFixed Forward 7.7mm Vickers machine guns 1x Rear Cockpit on Scarff ring
Vickers Vixen : 12/30 10 Crew: 2 2xFixed Forward 7.7mm Vickers machine guns

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