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Campaign: The Hunt for Dorian Gray”

Campaign: The Hunt for Dorian Gray
The High Concept: Rippers Spinoff

Rose hung precariously on the ladder leading to the train’s roof. The carrion had emptied a revolver in her direction to buy itself some space. It ran and leapt car to car easily as if the train were not moving at all. She cursed, and not under her breath, the thing was going to get away and there was nothing she could … she flipped open her pocket watch and smiled. Tucking it away she pulled herself onto the roof of the moving train and drawing her pistol ran towards the carrion praying that the 9:30 from Mudshire was on time.
As the train rounded a bend she covered her eyes. The bright light from the passing train swept briefly across the roof catching the cadaver off guard. Dashing forward and leaping across the gap separating two cars she fired at her temporarily immobilized foe. Three in the chest wouldn’t kill him, she knew, but it should slow him down enough for the stake.
Dropping her pistol she ran full as fast as she could leaping across two more cars as if they were not separated at all. Pulling a stake from inside her long-coat she plunged it at the vampire who managed to get a hand up to block the brunt of the thrust. With the stake through his hand he let out a guttural laugh and rolled off the roof of the train.
Rose stood stunned for a moment, not daring to jump off the moving train into the inky black landscape and then threw herself flat to avoid being brushed casually off by a tunnel. As she lay there she thought, “Lost the gun, lost the stake, and lost the damn corpse – still it could have been worse”. The train exited the tunnel into a better lit area near a terminal. She looked down and saw that her dress from the ball had been torn. “Ok, maybe not worse”

Campaign in Brief:
London England: 1891
The Fraternal order of Ostiarys, Sextons, and Undertakers – often referred to, in hushed voices, as the Ostiarius has, since before the 15th Century, ensured that horrors who escape from the beyond death’s door are returned to their eternal rest.
Agents of the Ostiarius, called Mutes, hunt down and destroy the carrion in all its forms. There is, however, one escapee that has eluded the Mutes for nearly a century – one name that fills any hunter with both dread and determination – one name that Mutes will drop anything to pursue – one name that has mocked the Ostiarius again and again… Welcome Mutes to the hunt for Dorian Gray…

Character Generation

Race: All characters are Human and begin with the normal Bonus Edge.
Attributes: Are Purchased as Normal
Skills: Are purchased as Normal.
Special: All characters begin with 4 bonus hindrance points for free. Taking hindrances adds to these as normal.

Setting Rules
Blood and Guts: It is a very dangerous world fighting the undead
Status rules from Rippers
No Arcane Backgrounds or related edges
The Guts skill is used
Victorian equipment and settings from Rippers (but no Rippertech)

The Ostiarius
The London headquarters is the Ostiarius’ largest sanctuary dwarfed, perhaps, only by the Home Office in Alexandria. Mutes who are called home to meet with the Council are rarely seen again being posted to alternate Sanctuaries or to the Home Office itself. Regardless no one speaks of any direct contact they have had with the Council. Directives are generally relayed in mailbags or in truly dire circumstances encoded telegraphs.

Running the Game
This is a Rippers’ knockoff and can be run in a few ways my choice would be to make the Ostiarius an evil organization collecting samples and taking out the opposition. The characters slowly begin to realize the true nature of their organization and then have some potentially interesting decisions to make.

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