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Campaign: Sweeps

Campaign: Sweeps
The High Concept: Chimney Sweeps vs. the Darkness

Easy Pete slammed hard into a pigeon coup. The ashen tiger circled around almost casually back towards him. “Is it just me or are these things getting tougher? Also, help…”
A small figure slowly pulled herself onto the roof and rolled to her feet, limping. She whistled and a broom handle flew up from the street below and into her hand. “Sorry Petey, I was a little occupied by gravity and pavement.” She hurled the broomstick at the tiger, as it connected the beast dispersed into a cloud of ash but reformed almost immediately a short distance away and began moving towards Rose.
As the tiger closed with Rose Mike jumped from a nearby building onto a chimney overlooking the scene. He watched the tiger’s movements carefully and the instant it leapt at Rose, he sprung, striking the beast as its jaws closed around Rose.
It rematerialized across the rooftop, growling and jumped away.
Rose scowled, “Cut it a bit close.”
Mike Smiled, “I wasn’t worried”
“No, well it wasn’t trying to bite me.” He laughed.
Easy Pete pulled himself up and whistled for his broomstick, “I really think these things are getting tougher”, he said grinning, “but to be sure let’s go get him.”

Campaign in Brief:
In the time that was before, in the far realms, there was a clan of fey that had no interest in doing anything, or being involved in anything. Their leader was handsome even for their kind and fastidious beyond comprehension. He encouraged his people to dance and jest and frolic and to not allow themselves to help others in any way.
They continued like this for some time, but such behavior is rarely allowed to last, and never ever goes unpunished.
One rainy day the King and Queen of all the Fey were travelling through the land and fell upon the clan, dancing and playing as they were wont to do while their leader lounged under a pavilion laughing and shouting encouragement to his people. In an instant the Queen leapt from her steed and joined the revelry while the King looked on amused. The dancing continued for hours as the rain increased until the Queen slipped on the wet grass.
As she lay sprawled on the grass, the clan laughed and frolicked and not one offered to help their queen to her feet. After a few short moments the Queen stood her eyes aflame with rage at the insubordination of her subjects. Silence fell across the clan as she declared her punishment for their actions.
“You shall no longer frolic in the land of the fey but toil in the land of mortals, the dirtiest of jobs shall be yours to complete, and you shall watch over the mortals guarding them against the perils of this realm.”
Thus were born the Sweeps.

The year is 1850, the city London – You live on the rooftops, clean chimneys, protect the mortals, and when you can, dance.

Character Creation
Race: All characters are Sweeps. Sweeps are Fey banished from the far realm that by choice or geas are tasked with the protection of the Tegula or rooftops. For all intent and purposes they appear human though thinner with brightly colored eyes. Their hair tends to be darker and they are usually covered in grime and soot.
-Dark Vision: Sweeps’ eyes are sharp and clear. They can see through any normal darkness.
-Agile: Possessing Elven grace Sweeps begin with d6 Agility.
-Outsider: Sweeps are generally considered cheats, thieves, and ne’er do wells by the people below and so subtract 2 from their charisma.
Attributes: Are Purchased as Normal
Skills: Are purchased as Normal, Guts is used.
Edges and Hindrances: Edges and Hindrances are purchased as normal. Arcane Backgrounds are available at the GM’s whim.

Sweeps have a broom kit for cleaning chimneys. It consists of an assortment of brushes and a number of broomsticks that connect to allow for work on long chimneys.
Every Sweep is bound to two sections of their broomsticks as weapons. When screwed together they form a small staff, or they can be used separately as clubs. They can also be thrown. The damage is listed below.
Staff: Str+d8
Club: Str+d6
Staff, Thrown: Str+d6
Club, Thrown: Str+d4
A simple whistle on the part of the Sweep calls the broomstick(s) back to their hands as an action.
If one of the sticks is destroyed it requires only a few hours for the Sweep to bind another broom section to them.







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