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Campaign Challenger’s Folly

Campaign: Challenger’s Folly
The High Concept: Dino-pocalypse 1925

Rose lowered the binoculars, closed the 2nd floor window and drew the curtains. “Looks like a herd of small Iguanodons,” she pulled the clip from her .45 and checked the rounds,” One of them still has part of its harnness so they might not be too aggressive.”

Mike came in from the back of the house, “Bad News, there’s a flock of microraptors nesting in the barn. One or two are scouting every few minutes. “shaking his head, “We’d be shredded in yards.”

“Good news from me then,” Easy Pete stuck his head down from the attic, “Short jump to the garage, which looks repto free and apparently granny has one of those saurosless-carriages.”

Rose slammed the clip back into her pistol, “Right then, let’s go.”

Campaign in Brief:
During the late 19th century Professor George Edward Challenger conducted numerous expeditions to South America where he had claimed to have discovered dinosaurs. Before the turn of the century, however, he returned with a live specimen, a single microraptor. This began his relationship with Lord John Roxton and the import of dinosaurs for domestication. By 1905 dinosaurs had replaced horses and suppressed the development of the automobile. Larger beasts were trained to do heavier work or as attractions in circuses and amusement parks. Numerous smaller dinosaurs became house pets or even livestock. The Magyarosaurus was the most commonly raised and was the common replacement for the horse.
For two decades the trade in dinosaurs grew, there were incidents, there are always incidents, and there are always people to cover those incidents up. The biggest cover-up was that the beasts were more intelligent than most people believed. This trait was beaten out of almost all of them during their initial training.
To say that no one saw it coming would be a lie. The bodies of Roxton-Challenger employees who warned executives can be found across 2 decades of shallow graves. Regardless of the unheeded warnings, on May 5th 1925 the dinosaurs revolted. Throwing off their shackles and attacking humans. All of society crashed to a halt in just a few days and dinosaurs once again ruled the earth.

Character Creation:
Characters have been thrown together by the end of the world and need to work together to survive.

Race: All characters are Human and begin with the normal Bonus Edge.
Attributes: Are Purchased as Normal
Skills: Are purchased as Normal
Edges and Hindrances: Edges and Hindrances are purchased as normal. Arcane Backgrounds are available at GM’s whim and should be limited to Weird Science and Psionics.

New Power
Dinosaur Friend
– As Beast Friend but works only on dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs: The dinosaurs in this setting are not realistic – Dwarfism is common letting there be much smaller T-Rexes and the like. Most should also have teeth, fangs, and claws (The better to eat players with). They are also smarter than expected so can use tactics. In short, these are pulp dinos.

Fessin’ Up: If it wasn’t obvious this setup is just a hopefully cool spin on a Zombie Apocalypse game.







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