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Campaign: Patriot Acts

Campaign: Patriot Acts
The High Concept: Super Spies of the American Revolution

The HMS San Antonio had begun its life as just the San Antonio, a Spanish Warship; in 1762 the 64 gun Ship of the Line had been captured and commissioned into the British Navy. Rumor had it that talks had been under way for the British to have sold the old girl off earlier this year but colonial shots fired in mid-April put well paid to that. Not that it mattered since she was currently burning to the waterline in Boston Harbor.

Little Jimmy Rose wasn’t fooling anyone by calling herself Jimmy, but she was quick enough and didn’t need any of Franklin’s fancy binoculars to call out the speed and bearings of the boats closing to assist the Antonio’s survivors so the other Mechanics played along.

She scanned the harbor quickly, and then whispered into the air, “The big ships are calling Action Stations but not dropping longboats?”

Easy Pete dropped lightly onto the dock. “I got the widget – but there was a bit of a mess. Looks like the big guy did his job” Pete chuckled and moved closer to Rose.

Rose caught sight of a figure flying low across the harbor towards the San Antonio. “The Crimson Brigade’s here, damn it!” she whispered fiercely.

A voice drifted out of the air near their ears as Michael faded out of the darkness, dripping wet, “Not our problem – Leave the Herewards to duke it out. We have real work to do.”

Campaign in Brief:
In April of 1775 armed rebellion broke out in the colonies generally over representation, tyranny and, well, money but more specifically over the 1000 Redcoats sent to confiscate arms and arrest person’s accused of fermenting rebellion. Those first exchanges were between men with guns; within hours however, the British had dispatched 3 members of the Crimson Brigade with the hopes of quashing the rebellion in its tracks. Fortunately, Paul Revere’s Mechanics, a group of spies and informants caught wind of the British plans and the Brigade members were met by a like number of Minutemen. While the battle between these titans was long and brutal, the outcome was, as these things often are inconclusive and the day was decided more by the men on the ground than the Herewards in the sky.

Character Generation
Players take the roles of Paul Revere’s Mechanics

Race: All characters are Human, although with some super abilities, and begin with the normal Bonus Edge.
Attributes: Are Purchased as Normal
Skills: Are purchased as Normal.
Edges: All characters begin with the Arcane Background – Mechanic
Arcane Background: Weird Science is allowed in consort with Mechanic
Abilities: All characters begin with Armor: 1 to represent the additional resilience, luck and training.

Arcane Background – Mechanic: This background provides the equivalent of 20 points from Hindrances – to be used to purchase skills, combat edges or attributes.
The Additional Power Points Edge adds 10 points for purchases, as above, and can still only be acquired once per Rank.

If you have access to Necessary Evil treat as Super Powers but with 5 rather than 10 points to begin with. The Additional Power Points edge still provides 5 points.

The Mechanics
In 1774 Paul Revere began to assemble the Mechanics, a group of spies who, while working out of the Green Dragon Inn, collected and coordinating information about the British. As time progressed, he also began to gather people with extraordinary abilities to actively hit British targets.

Herewards, Minutemen and the Crimson Brigade
They’ve been around for centuries, godlike beings carving out small fiefdoms, backing governments or just trying to remain hidden. They’ve gone by a number of different names but most recently they’ve taken to call themselves Herewards. The group working with the British Army are members of the Crimson Brigade while those siding with the Colonials are the Minutemen. Either way the mechanics go to great lengths to avoid confrontation with the Herewards due to their overwhelming power.







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