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Campaign: Sweeps

Campaign: Sweeps The High Concept: Chimney Sweeps vs. the Darkness Easy Pete slammed hard into a pigeon coup. The ashen tiger circled around almost casually back towards him. “Is it just me or are these things getting tougher? Also, help…” A small figure slowly pulled herself onto the roof and rolled to her feet, limping. [...]

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Campaign Challenger’s Folly

Campaign: Challenger’s Folly The High Concept: Dino-pocalypse 1925 Rose lowered the binoculars, closed the 2nd floor window and drew the curtains. “Looks like a herd of small Iguanodons,” she pulled the clip from her .45 and checked the rounds,” One of them still has part of its harnness so they might not be too aggressive.” [...]

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Campaign: CSI Dis

Campaign: CSI: Dis The High Concept: Cops in Hell Campaign in Brief: Somedays you wake up dead and there’s just nothing for it. The last time it happened to you, you found yourself in Hell with only the vaguest memories of your previous life and none of what actions landed you here. After a few [...]

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Campaign: Patriot Acts

Campaign: Patriot Acts The High Concept: Super Spies of the American Revolution The HMS San Antonio had begun its life as just the San Antonio, a Spanish Warship; in 1762 the 64 gun Ship of the Line had been captured and commissioned into the British Navy. Rumor had it that talks had been under way [...]

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