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Campaign: Sleepers

Campaign: Sleepers
The High Concept: Ordinary Citizens awaken with implanted skills

Rose stood, or rather balanced, on the railing of her fire escape scanning the apartment buildings across the street using a device she’d cobbled together using cheap electronics from Radio Shack. A handful of hours past midnight her attention was drawn to an apartment across the way. She quickly put away her gear and climbed down the fire escape. Making her way her way across the street she calculated a path up to the 5th floor apartment.
Three minutes later she shouldered open the apartment door, something that would have been inconceivable just a few weeks earlier, alerting the intruder.
He came at her from the bedroom, fast and hard but before he reached her she swung deliberately almost slowly with her 6D Maglite caving in the side of his skull.
She looked down at the body and shrugged then walked into the bedroom. Shining the light into the room, “Are you alright…”.
Fifteen minutes later Rose changed painfully for bed – she had to be at work in 4 hours.

Campaign in Brief:
Your life was normal, simple, and bland, let’s face it, run of the mill. Yes, run of the mill until one morning a few weeks ago when you woke up knowing how to do things, some of them dangerous things, spy things. That by itself would have been fine, but along with the new skills came nightmares, blackouts, and a compulsion to use them. As you used your new found skills the desire to use them increased to the point where it began interfering with your regular life. This is when you found the sign.

Attention Sleepers
Recent awakening causing issues? Counseling can help.
Meetings regularly on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Contact Sleepers Anonymous

Character Generation

Race: All characters are Human and begin with the normal Bonus Edge.
Attributes: Are Purchased as Normal
Skills: Are purchased as Normal
Abilities: Rank can be ignored during character creation
Special: All Sleepers receive 2 additional Bonus Edges
Special: All Sleepers also suffer from nightmares and blackouts (-1 Benny)

The characters were kidnapped and brainwashed in their late teens or early 20’s by some person or group. What group or person is left to the game master. It may even be that each character was picked up by someone different.
Now that the characters have awoken something has gone wrong; they have the training but no recollection of any other programing. Unfortunately the new skills come with nightmares and blackouts.

Attending the meetings lessens the compulsion to use the new skills. Also it is essentially a framing device for story possibilities including attempts to backtrack the source of the programing.

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