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Return to Savage Beach…err…Summer

Arc flashes of genius that left you stunned and then inspired and then just a little bit jealous that not only had you not gotten there first but that there’s a good chance you could never get there at all.

Two years ago that’s how I described Rich Rittenhouse’s Savage Wednesdays – It’s as frustratingly true today as it was then, as it was a year and a half before that when I first read them.

Two years ago, I built 13 campaigns in 13 weeks as a bulwark against the lethargy that sleeplessness brings with it but also to see if I could come close to Rittenhouse’s mad genius.

Not even close…plus in the end lethargy won.

Still for 13 weeks the project stood me in good stead to the sleep I wasn’t getting, so now may well be the time to try it again as I find more and more that sleep does not bring rest and that my motivation for all things wanes.

And if I cannot match Rich’s brilliance, I can remind myself that we cannot all be masters of our chosen art, some of us are Orson Welles and some are Andy Sidaris…and, as it turns out, I have no problem living with that.







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