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Campaign: No … Just Merry

Campaign: No … Just Merry
The High Concept: Merry Men fighting evil.

Campaign in Brief:
In the Year of Our Lord 1191, bands of brave and jovial outlaws gathered together under the plain banner of a disgraced noble to challenge the tyrannical rule of a corrupt and lecherous Knight Sheriff. These robbers and thieves were often the only relief the locals of Nottingham had from the lash, sword or torch. Stealing from the rich and giving to those in need became the watchword of these scoundrels, who were beloved of the people for their generosity and the reckless abandon with which they thumbed their noses at the vicious Sir Guy and his men…
Meanwhile far to the south, the King’s Sorcerer paced the battlements trying desperately to remember the future that was, with increasing frequency, troubling his dreams. Haunted by the smell of oak and flashes of Lincoln green his gaze was drawn always to the north. Finally deciding, he spoke of his foreboding to the King. A long silence filled the room and his liege stood, nodding, “It is clear now to me what must be done my friend. Send Sir Gawain with whatever men he needs, send him to Nottingham to kill Robin the Hood.”
Merlin bowed as he exited the room “Yes Lord Arthur”

You command a small group of Bandits and have opted to join forces with the rapidly becoming famous Robin Hood and his scattered bands. You’re men (or women) are thieves – whether driven by desperation, revenge or just plain contrariness you and they have opted to answer Robin’s call to arms against Sir Guy and likely eventually the King. Some of your men may see this as an opportunity for revenge, others redemption – regardless you and they have sought out Robin and became Merry Men.

Arthur, King of the Britains
Arthur seized control of the throne in 1154 killing King Stephen, and claiming control by right of strength, the sorcerous power of his companion and divine provenance in the form of his sword, driving the ‘rightful’ heir Henry and his line into hiding. Since then he has gathered around him an order of Knights to assist him in securing his power in England, then Britain, and eventually all of Europe.

Sir Guy the Seeker
Sir Guy has been the Sheriff of Nottingham for ten years since he and his men arrived and forcibly removed the previous Sheriff – Baron Locksley from that position. He is known as a powerful warrior with vicious appetites.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood, formerly Robin of Locksley, son of the murdered Baron of Locksley former Sheriff of Nottingham was dragged into Sherwood after having been beaten nearly to death defending his father spent years recovering, learning and trying to form alliances with the bandits of the woods. These plans, hopes and aspirations have finally begun to bear fruit as groups, like yours, have flocked to his banner. Recently he has been able to send small bands further afield to gather intelligence and harass those attempting to travel to Nottingham and aid Sir Guy.
Your groups were among those sent out, two days ago you grouped outside Sherwood to hike in to the Meeting Oak, traveling in larger groups being safer in the wood. Two hours ago you arrived and found the tree uprooted, the camp destroyed, and amongst the corpses and ruin the body of Britain’s last best hope Robin of Locksley…

Character Creation:
Race: All characters are Human and begin with the normal Bonus Edge.
Attributes: Are Purchased as Normal
Skills: Are purchased as Normal
Edges and Hindrances: Edges and Hindrances are purchased as normal. All players are bandit leaders and begin with the Followers Edge giving them 5 Outlaws (see below). This Edge can be taken once per rank to increase the size of their band; Legendary Characters can take this edge multiple times.
Arcane Backgrounds Magic and Miracles can be appropriate in this setting, Weird Science would be called Alchemy or Enchanting, Psionics or Super Powers should be right out.

New Edge
Novice, D8 Spirit, Noman hindrance
In Mass Battles your character counts as one additional token after the normal calculations for tokens are complete and you add 2 to your Fighting, Shooting or Arcane rolls in Mass Battles.

New Hindrance
Noman (Major):
You do not have and may never take any Leadership Edges; including the Free Follower Edge characters receive.


Attributes: Agility D6, Smarts D6, Spirit D8, Strength D6, Vigor D6
Skills: Fighting D6, Guts D6, Notice D6, Shooting D6, Survival D6, Stealth D8, Tracking D6
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5
Outlaws count as 2 ‘Units’ in Mass Combat that takes place in the Woods or Forest

Notes: I did it; I killed Robin Hood bwah ha ha. Nothing for it really, Robin’s a bit of a show stealer and these things really should be about the players. I also made King Arthur a villain – that was just fun and maybe a bit mean spirited but mostly fun. In case it isn’t obvious this setting really was designed as a way to test the Savage Worlds Leadership and Mass Battle systems – I’d be interested in hearing about anyone’s experience with those – either in this setting or other ones.







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