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Campaign: Vispilio Venum

Campaign: Vispilio Venum
The High Concept: Veni, Vedi, Cepi

Campaign in Brief:
Rome. I’ll say it again for the hicks in the vilis sessio. Rome! The very name conjures images of Noble Senators, Honorable Merchants and Proud Legionnaires strolling golden streets surrounded by great and ancient buildings.
But there is another Rome that exists in the umbra of that golden Rome – A Rome where petty rivalries, ideological extremes and unprecedented greed lives, breathes and clashes with the ideals that made Rome great.
It is in this shadowy Rome where you and yours work. When a Noble Senator must have a professio res that belongs to a rival, an honorable merchant needs an indiscretion to disappear or a Proud Legionnaire needs a competitor discredited their servants contact you or people like you to do the job, get paid and keep your mouth shut. Sounds pretty easy but only one of those three things is anything you can control.
Welcome to life in the valleys of the City of Seven Hills, amicus, it’s gonna be a rough ride.

The year is AD 361 and Emperor Julian is a dead man, He just hasn’t realized it yet. The last on Constantine’s heirs to survive the civil wars of the last few years has turned his back on Christianity in favor of the old ways. Once great priests and bishops cast out of the very temples they had usurped only a few decades previously fume and plot their return to favor and how best to met out old testament vengeance on the Julian and the believers in the old gods, the Senate views this new Emperor with distrustful eyes as his policies against the new popular cult of Christianity stirs a turmoil among the masses that even the re-legitimizing of the games has failed to calm, and even the merchants and legions, two groups who rarely agree, seem fast friends in disgust over Julian’s reluctance to defend far flung holdings. Even the least connected beggar on the street knows what apparently the most powerful man in the empire doesn’t seem to; Emperor Julian is a dead man.
This one truth, more than anything else, influences almost everything that goes on beneath the surface of Rome. Plots, full of force and fury form, frenzy and fade into nothing. Creating great opportunities for those who make their living performing less savory acts for the elite.

Rome by Day
Rome is the most populous city in the world – as the sun rises so too does this sleeping giant stretch and awaken by mid morning the streets are packed with people going about their daily abeyances. Making it difficult to get from place to place without a large entourage to clear the way but also making it easy to get lost in the crowd.

Rome by Night
After 4:00 the streets of the great city become almost empty, respectable folk are all at their homes preparing for dinner and an evening relaxing with family. Once the sun has set the city becomes as dark as a tomb – the forest of buildings filtering out much of the ambient light. Roving gangs of toughs and ruffians makes travel hazardous without a sizable escort.

Character Generation

Race: All characters are Human and begin with the normal Bonus Edge. If the GM is feeling particularly whimsical he may allow other races as replacements for foreigners both visiting and captured from the far reaches of the Empire.
Attributes: Are Purchased as Normal
Skills: Are purchased as Normal. All players begin with Signals Skill at d4.
Edges and Hindrances: Are Purchased as Normal. Availability of Arcane Backgrounds is subject to GM whim – Including the New Edge: Arcane Background: (Augury)

New Skill: Signals (Smarts)
Signals is the art of relaying simple information across distance or time without it being noticed or understood. Bird Calls, flashes of light, cleverly broken twigs, graphitti, etc are all examples of how the skill can be used.
To convey information the signaler must succeed on a Signals check. Members of the signaler’s team who have the Signals skill and experience the signal (Hear the Bird Call, see the broken twigs, etc) understand it.
Intercepting Signals: Success on an opposed notice roll can identify that a signal has been/is being sent. Interceptors with the Signals skill can decode the signal with 2 raises.

New Edge: Arcane Background (Augury)
Requirements: Novice, D8 Spirit
Power Points: 20
Starting Powers: 3

You’ve the Gift of prophecy; you’re an Oracle. Your powers work a bit differently than usual. You provide readings for other characters and give them clues that will help them throughout their day. A reading takes 5-10 minutes and generally requires tools of some kind; dice, cards, sticks etc. The Augur selects a power that has some beneficial effect on the target (Armor, Deflection, Boost etc), expends the power points and determines the overall effect. At any point in time during the same day the target can activate that power which will then run it’s course. (The Oracle told me to carry this bronze dish over my heart; She said dive forward when right seemed wrong, etc)
Only once the target has expended the Prophesy the Oracle can begin to regenerate those power points.

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