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Campaign: Assets

Campaign: Assets
The High Concept: In the war between good and evil human beings are just, assets.

Reverend Anthony was uncomfortable; the all ages Bible study class the church offered was generally accepted by both the Reverend and the community at large as free daycare on Sunday afternoons to allow parents just a little bit of free time, he’d do some readings at the beginning and end but in between let the children break up into ‘study groups’, any who wanted to learn more would join him, the others would mostly talk and play under his watchful eyes.

The source of Reverend Anthony’s discomfort was the obviously thirty something man sitting and intently following along, in one of the classroom copies of the Bible, with the Preacher’s dissertation on Luke. He was at something of a loss as to how to deal with the visitor, and as he seemed both harmless and genuinely interested in the subject matter he settled upon talking to him after they broke into groups. With that decided, he returned his attention to the task at hand; Finishing his talk about Luke he asked the group if anyone had a favorite Bible passage they wanted to share. As the children finished shouting out passages, the man spoke up, “Revelations 12:7”

The Reverend frowned, that was creepy, he thought; time to show this guy the door. Anthony stood up and walked towards the stranger. One of the children who had been sitting quietly listening rose as well, a low growl forming in the base of his throat. The child’s face became distorted, his hands formed vicious claws and he hurled his small body at Reverend Anthony. The stranger reacted instantly, standing and throwing the classroom Bible at the child, striking him firmly in the chest, diverting his leap and leaving him in a heap on the floor.

The man grabbed Reverend Anthony by the arm, “Time to go!” and dragged the stunned cleric out an emergency exit into the cloudy Sunday afternoon. A black panel van, as if on cue, jumped the curb and screeched to a halt in front of the pair; the side door opened and a waifish redhead smiled at the Reverend, grabbing his arm and pulling into the van. The man jumped into the passenger seat and the driver slammed on the accelerator. The van rocketed away from the church.

The stranger turned and looked into the back of the van, ”I’m Mike, she’s Rose and this is Easy Pete; relax Padre. We’re on a mission from God.”

Campaign in Brief:
You’re an agent, an operative, a spook, a spy – once, perhaps recently even, a normal Joe or Jane who was recruited by a powerful and mysterious group to perform missions, assignment – ops if you will to support their secret overreaching global agenda. The one thing you have going for you that other spies don’t – you know for sure, you’re on the side of Angels. That’s right, you and your team have been recruited to act as a special cell of covert agents in the war between Heaven and Hell.

A War in Heaven
‘And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back.’ Revelations 12:7

The war between Heaven and Hell has gone cold, the Inferno doesn’t think it can win yet and Paradise doesn’t want to take the chance that they’ll lose now, so rather than flights of Angels doing battle with hordes of Demons, each side works to contort the world into a ‘home field’ where they’ll have an advantage in the inevitable conflict; Demons through cults, possession, agents like you and occasionally more direct intervention; Angels through, well pretty much just people like you.

The Great Game on Earth
Human operatives on both sides engaged in mysterious and sometimes-nonsensical operations without any real support from their handlers or local governments will tend to create rules that keep things from getting out of hand. At this point neither side wants to do anything that kicks off a shooting war. Agents try not to kill each other, sometimes it happens but everyone knows the difference between a clean covert kill and a gratuitous one, families are off limits because everyone has family, and keep the locals out of it, their involvement makes everyone’s job more difficult and just tends to up the body count.

Demons & Angels
These guys are powerful and dangerous and powerful so why don’t they just handle this themselves? A few reasons, first and foremost direct involvement increases the risk of kicking off the apocalypse. Angels and Demons hate each other, they all have an eternity of history and passions tend to run high when they interact. Second, they can be killed: They’re powerful (d12’s in everything + armor, flight and regen: flavor to taste) but it can be done, with no shining afterlife awaiting them, they’re naturally hesitant to risk it for minor advances on Earth.

God and the Devil
Don’t seem to be involved.

Character Creation:
Race: All characters are Human and begin with the normal Bonus Edge.
Attributes: Are Purchased as Normal
Skills: Are purchased as Normal
Edges and Hindrances: Edges and Hindrances are purchased as normal. Arcane Backgrounds should be limited to Miracles although Weird Science may be allowed by GM’s wishing to play up the ‘Secret Agent’ aspect of the setting, Magic could be included if the GM wished to stress a Cabalistic or Enochian aspect of the Great Game, and I suppose a low grade science fiction spin could put Psionics back on the table, but no Super Powers; that’s were I draw the line.







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