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Campaign: The Chi Dossiers

Campaign: The Chi Dossiers
The High Concept: Electric horror

3 January 1891

The age of gaslight is dying, knifed and left bleeding out in a soot-smudged alley by the scions of this new age; By Tesla and Edison, Westinghouse and Kelvin, they’re taking the remains of this precious and civilized era and like Zeus with Cronus’ bones attempting to build a new world in which they are the gods. And like all new gods twisted followers, innocent victims, and madmen get caught inevitably in the current of their passing. Despite the fact of all this misfortune, I still believe, it is merciless to blot out hope and as if in proof of that an old friend visited me today, and asked for my help. I have been a student, a doctor, a surgeon, and a teacher – now heaven help us all, I shall become a policeman…

From the journal of Dr Frederick Treves

Campaign in Brief:
London, June 1891. You were the head of your class or are the top in the field or you probably should have been less conspicuous with the sergeant’s daughter or not mistakenly arrested the deacon of your captain’s church – and now you’ve been given the honor of having been promoted to Detective Inspector along with instructions to report to the recently named Assistant Commissioner Treves of the 22nd division. Yes, it’s true the offices are in the buildings lowest basement near where the workers found that body, but that doesn’t make it any less of an honor – does it? It’s not like anyone knows what the 22nd does, there are rumors, but then there are always rumors…

The 22nd Division
Edward Bradford after becoming the 8th Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police Service, settling the 1890 Police Strike and traveling to each Station, conducting public and private discussions with his men created the 22nd Division under the command of Assistant Commissioner Dr Frederick Treves. He tasked Division 22 with the investigation and resolution of unusual and inexplicable crimes particularly those related to the strange and awesome power of electricity. Treves disliked the cold and impersonal numeric designation began referring to his group as Chi Division, mostly because Chi is the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet but also, he would occasionally confide, because of the chimerical nature of the body of men assigned to him. By June of 1891, Treve’s men had taken such a liking to the name they pitched in and had the 22nd Division lettering in the glass on the squad rooms door replaced with the Greek Chi, and the motto “Agon Vox Quod Laus Carmen”. Upon seeing the change Treves just smiled and nodded, rumor has it that decades later when the first American BOI agents were in London learning from Metropolitan Police Force the mistook the Chi for an X.

Steadily throughout the early months of 1891 desk sergeants were given very specific instructions, any cases that were unusual, difficult or smacked of the utterly phantasmagoric were to be directed to the basement of New Scotland Yard and Treves men would handle it.

So everything from harmless pranks to dangers that threaten the Empire itself land on your doorstep and you’re responsible for deciding which is which and handling it…Good Luck Detective Inspector.

Character Creation:

Race: All characters are Human and begin with the normal Bonus Edge.
Attributes: Are Purchased as Normal
Skills: Are purchased as Normal
Edges and Hindrances: Edges and Hindrances are purchased as normal. Arcane Background should be limited to Weird Science (Although some GM’s may also wish to sully the purity of Electric Horror with more traditional faer, I’m pretty sure I will)

Gear: Detective Inspectors are issued, a revolver, an electric torch, handcuffs, calling cards, and a badge. You are expected to maintain a neat and clean appearance and be respectful to the community you serve.
You also receive your normal starting cash.

Sex: There were women working with the London Metropolitan Police Force in 1891 although none were constables. Chi Division does employ technical experts of any stripe so players wishing to play female characters must be an “expert” of some kind (Scientist, Big Game Hunter, etc). You do not receive the free pistol, torch, badge or handcuffs on the other hand you are just a citizen.

London 1891
London of 1891 is a city of 6 million souls, it has all of the modern conveniences including an underground electric subway and all of the modern horrors, drugs, organized crime, murder. It’s no wonder the Hughes brothers, famed for urban films, were so able to eerily capture the feel for period London.

“a dun-coloured veil hung over the house-tops.”, gotta love Doyle. London fog is actually a yellow colored smog caused by the burning of soft coals. There are days when it gets so thick that the streetlamps must be lit. It hammpers sound, makes it difficult to determine direction, and can leave you a damp and soggy mess.

London Metropolitan Police Force
The Metropolitan Police was formed by Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel with the implementation of the Metropolitan Police Act, passed by Parliament in 1829. It is currently based out of the rescently built Norman Shaw Building on the Embankment known as New Scotland Yard which organizes and manages numerous Station Houses across the city.

Electric Horror
Change should come slowly in steady, measured steps forward, not in tarantellian whirls and leaps and the advancements of science in the last 25 years of the 19th century make the tarantella look like a minuet. It was an exciting, terrifying time to be a scientist. For every brilliant idea there were a hundred dead end theories. The Chi Dossiers takes place in a world where some of those dead ends actually work. Inspired by the Atomic Horror of the 50’s, Computer Horror of the 80’s and the Biological Horror of the new millennium, this is a game of technological terror in fog soaked streets of London.

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